Bose and His Statistics by G Venkataraman

By G Venkataraman

This publication describes a enormous discovery made by means of Satyendranath Bose. It additionally is helping the reader take a step nearer in knowing Bose—the scientist—and describes the occasions that encompass this intriguing discovery

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Satyendra Nath Bose. His Life And Times. Selected Works

Satyendra Nath Bose grew to become a mythical determine of technological know-how within the twentieth century in India together with his innovative discovery at the nature of radiation. regardless of the organization with Einstein, despite the fact that, little is understood approximately him outdoor of India. This publication highlights the extraordinary mind and the extreme character of Bose set opposed to the backdrop of a wealthy Bengali cultural culture and British-Indian politics.

John Napier: Life, Logarithms, and Legacy

John Napier (1550-1617) is widely known this present day because the guy who invented logarithms--an huge, immense highbrow fulfillment that might quickly bring about the improvement in their mechanical identical within the slide rule: the 2 could serve humanity because the central technique of calculation till the mid-1970s. but, regardless of Napier's pioneering efforts, his existence and paintings haven't attracted targeted sleek scrutiny.

The Space Station: A Personal Journey

This insider's account, a penetrating view of technology coverage and politics in the course of presidencies, captures the euphoria that characterised the distance application within the past due seventies and early eighties and furnishes a useful viewpoint at the Challenger tragedy and the way forward for the USA in house.

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My father was a more interesting case. He too had been brought as a Catholic, but a Viennese one, which is to say, not very. He never tried to influence my beliefs, but he inevitably must have by his plainly nonpious example. At various times when I became a bit older, he told me that he was a pantheist, or someone who equates God with nature. He also said he agreed with deism, the idea that God started the universe but has left it to operate under natural laws since. These two are palpably not identical concepts, but they indicate his sense of a god of nature who is not a tinkerer in creation.

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