Berryman's Henry: Living at the Intersection of Need and Art by Samuel Fisher Dodson

By Samuel Fisher Dodson

Berryman's Henry: residing on the Intersection of want and paintings bargains students and scholars the 1st thorough and well-researched motor vehicle into John Berryman's epic poem The Dream Songs. via a detailed examining of the textual content, an exam of the heritage of its feedback and a few of Berryman's letters, notes, and pertinent manuscripts, Sam Dodson deals the reader a pretty good place to begin to understand the presiding constitution and thematic concentration of this American vintage. This constitution, due to the poet's crafting and the poem's inner progress, is illustrated within the textual content through greater than thirty reproductions of a few of the Dream track drafts in development. No current severe paintings examines anyplace close to the variety of person Dream Songs as this reader's consultant, to be able to permit scholars and academics to go into Berryman's tough poem with self belief and a formal experience of course. Its function is to supply the start reader and the student with a map for forthcoming this huge paintings and discovering their method via its elegiac constitution and appreciating its solidarity. a detailed examine the poem's language and stylistic strategies, epic traits and author's poetics, and so much specially the elegiac move of the poem, will permit even the amateur reader to go into Henry's international. The elegies as an entire give you the notice of mourning that's on the center of Berryman's epic.

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There is the stage method. According to that each character is duly marshaled at first, and ticketed; we know with immutable certainty that at the right crises each one will reappear and act his part, and, when the curtain falls, all will stand before it bowing. There is a sense of satisfaction in this, and of completeness. But there is another method—the method of the life we all lead. Here nothing can be prophesied. There is a strange coming and going of feet. Men appear, act and re-act upon each other, and pass away.

366. , 140. 110 Gerard Manley Hopkins, 144. 111 Dream Songs, 285. 115 Conarroe explains the linguistic appeal of The Dream Songs when he notes, It is clear that Berryman-Henry is eager to delight and comfort, to make laugh, as well as to terrify and to hurt. 116 Berryman’s trademark style is found in his use of anacolouthia and pronominal reference. Anacolouthia is the radical disjuncture of syntax and narrative. Song 9 is a clear example of the Berryman style: Henry is daydreaming of hiding out in the High Sierras; the police are telling him to come down.

Greeks! You were not born to live like brutes, But to press on toward manhood and recognition! (ll. 100-103, 110-11) Dante’s Ulysses explains that this was the beginning of their “fool’s flight” (l. 68 Tennyson’s Ulysses admits his dwindling strength, yet still sees the quest for new experience as ultimately life affirming: He is “Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will / To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield” ((ll. 69 Odysseus uses the nets as signposts to guide his wandering life toward contentment.

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