Belief in Science and in Christian Life: The Relevance of by T.F. Torrance

By T.F. Torrance

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Twt takes place as under the guidance of the rule of faith, or the inter- 24 pretative framework of belief, handed down to us from the irreversible apostolic foundation of the Church in Christ, but also within the expansion of our understanding as through Christ and in the Spirit we are given ever new access into the truth of God as he is in himself Here we have a movement of thought which corresponds rather startlingly with that which Polanyi describes in natural science, namely. the process of continued penetration into the intelligible nature things which.

54-03; Penona( Knowledge, 1. on 'Ohjeccivity', pp. 3-17, for the historical and conceptual background to this, see Richard Gdwid::, The Way of Discovery, 1977. pp. 24ff, 29ff. B. M. Polanyi, Personal Knowledge, pp. 264-68. J4. Science, Faith and SOrUIY, new edition with new ptefOlce, )964, pp, 7-f9, 85-90, JS. E Schwarz (editor), Scientific TJuJHghf and Social Realily, Ellars by Mdwd Pouwyi, 1974, pp. 67-8J; 1IO-lO, 36. U11 Knowledge, pp. SJIT, 2UfT; Th-: Tocit Dimension, 1967, pp. 25, 70ff, 87 etc.

And where the kind of intelligibility inherent 12 in the objective pole is to be characterised in terms of 'word' rather than

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