Atkins' Physical Chemistry by Julio de Paula Peter Atkins

By Julio de Paula Peter Atkins

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For an antiproton, the baryon number A = -1, and we obtain the correct result of Q = -1 from Eq. (2-17) using to value of deduced above. -4 -3 Charge conjugation. The operation that transforms the wave function of a particle to that of an antiparticle is called charge conjugatton. It changes the sign of the charge of a particle without affecting any of the properties unrelated to charge. In relativistic quantum mechanics, this implies a transformation between a particle and its antiparticle, hence the name particle-antiparticle transformation.

We shall return later for a discussion of the isospin wave function of hadrons and nuclei. 2-4 Isospin of Antiparticles P a r t i c l e s and antiparticles. An antiparticle may be characterized by the property that it can annihilate the particle with which it is associated. Energy and momentum conservation are maintained in the process, for example, by the emission of two y-rays or the creation of a different particle-antiparticle pair. Since the final state of an annihilation process is electrically neutral, a particle and its antiparticle must have opposite charges t,o conserve electric charge.

The virtual W--boson emitted decays into a pair of leptons, e- and ije. involve the transformation of one type of quark to another and are much slower, with lifetimes more typical of weak interaction processes. Each group of hadrons is charact,erized by the number of quarks of each flavor, and hansitions from one groiip to another involve a change in one or more of these numbers. For example, the h‘+-nieson, with mass 494 MeV/c2, is made of the quark-antiquark pair u ~ The . 5% of the time, is into leptons, pt + ijg.

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