Assyrian Prophecies (State Archives of Assyria, 9) by Simo Parpola

By Simo Parpola

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8) 3. Mf] GN "by the mouth of PNf, 'daughter' of GN" (9) 4 . 3) 5. 5) 6. 7) 7. 3) 8. 4) 9. fa pz "of/by the mouth" has to be understood literally (cf. above, p. "286 The fact that the term raggimulraggintu "prophet/prophetess" does not occur in the formula (in contrast to the authorship notes of nos. 3, 6, 7 and 10) indicates that it was superfluous in the context and underlines the basically oral nature of Neo-Assyrian prophecy. Considering that variants 2 and 3 are for all practical purposes identical, it is possible that the scribe of no.

His angry heart was bent on levelling the land and destroying its people, and a grievous curse formed in his mouth. Evil portents indicating the disruption of cosmic harmony started appearing abundantly in heaven and on earth. The stars in the paths of Enlil, Anu and Ea worsened their positions and repeatedly disclosed abnormal omens. The river of abundance, Arahtu, became a raging current, a fierce surge of water, a violent flood like the Deluge, and swept away the city, its houses and sanctuaries, turning them into ruins.

F God, gab~i iliini and its abbreviation iliini "gods" (wr. MES) constItutes a perfect parallel to the biblical el6hlm "God" (Itt. "gods"), on which see nn. 30f below. As~ur, S~A 3 I.. lines 26-29: "(Even) a god does not comprehend [ ... l1eanlllg of your [majestic deSIgns] IS not understood," and see my discussion in JNES 52 (1993) 185f. J5f;,. atv~res of heaven and earth, fashioner of the mountains, [ ... " Note also En. el. I 14f, where Ansar (== Assur) is said to have "reflected" Anu as his "heir" and see the ' discussion in JNES 52 (1993) 191.

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