ASME BPVC 2010 - Section II, Part C: Specifications for by ASME

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High density plastic pouches laminated with a suitable foil vapor barrier shall be heat sealed after filling and evacuating. The pouches shall be overpacked with an outer container to protect it from damage that will cause loss of vacuum. Packages which show the contents to be loose within the pouch do not meet the requirements of this specification. 2 The numbers and letters of the imprint shall be of bold block type of a size large enough to be legible. 3 Other Package Construction. As agreed upon between purchaser and supplier, alternate packaging for protection of electrode coverings from absorption of moisture in excess of that specified by the classification shall be demonstrated by suitable tests, such as those described above.

7. Retest If any test fails to meet its requirement, that test shall be repeated twice. The results of both retests shall meet the requirement. Specimens or samples for retest may be taken from the original test assembly or sample, or from one or two new test assemblies or samples. For chemical analysis, the retest need be only for those specific elements that failed to meet their requirement. 3 Schedule G. A Certified Report of Tests shall be supplied for material from any production run of the product made within the twelve months preceding the date of the purchase order.

3 Qualification Inspection. Qualification inspection shall be conducted at a laboratory satisfactory to the customer. The inspection shall consist of the examinations and tests specified in the procurement documents. The manufacturer shall provide and maintain an inspection system acceptable to the customer for supplies and services covered by this specification. 6 Schedule J. A Certified Report of Tests required for that classification in the AWS specification shall be supplied by the manufacturer for each lot shipped.

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