Ask Me Everything : Facts, Stats, Lists, Records, and more by DK Publishing

By DK Publishing

Chock filled with lists and quips, stats and costs, inquire from me every little thing will maintain readers of every age asking questions for hours. No subject is left unquestioned; absolute confidence is left unanswered. during this amazing follow-up to invite Me whatever millions of evidence, brilliant pictures, hilarious details, and hours of family members enjoyable are packed into this vivid ebook.

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Pillow lav 20 active volcanoes— one for every 31 miles (50 km) of its length. 05. 04. Sniff the air. If you smell anything sulfurous, it could be volcanic gases escaping from molten rock rising within the volcano and about to erupt from its crater. In numbers Ignore anyone who says that the volcano is extinct—any volcano that has erupted in the last 10,000 years could do so again! 03. 76 The number of active volcanoes in Indonesia 260 The number of coral atolls in the tropical oceans, each crowning an extinct volcano 800 The number of volcanic hot springs in Iceland 33,480 ft (10,205 m) The total height of the highest volcano on Hawaii, from its base on the Pacific Ocean floor— this makes it the highest mountain on Earth 90,000 Watch for any steam or smoke coming from the crater or any change in the shape of the volcano.

Rosetta’s instrument’s will do this and monitor the way the comet loses material. 04. 03. Release a probe to the comet’s surface. Rosetta’s probe Philae will anchor itself to the dusty snow. Undertake some experiments. Philae will drill into the surface of the comet and analyze its composition. e? m t u o b a t a Wh ed eye with the nak le Comets visib nd four e rate of arou th t a r a e p see p a ularly easy to ic rt a P . e d a c per de and opp in 1997 were Hale-B 2007. McNaught in (c) 2011 Dorling Kindersley.

Stony-irons Meteorites made from a mixture of the above are called stony-irons. They come from asteroids not big enough to melt. Lunar meteorites Meteorites from the Moon’s surface can be recognized by their similarity to the samples brought to Earth by the Apollo astronauts. Martian meteorites Rock from Mars can be recognized by the small amounts of gas within it similar to that found in the Martian atmosphere. 02. Select a region to survey—carefully drive across it looking around you for dark rocks against the white snow.

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