Asia's New Mothers by Kyoto University, and Barbara Molony, Santa Clara University

By Kyoto University, and Barbara Molony, Santa Clara University Edited by Emiko Ochiai

Asia's New moms, via a spotlight on childcare, deals a comparative local research distinct in English-language assets of fixing gender roles in East and Southeast Asia. considering the old and cultural modifications and similarities one of the societies within the quarter, the authors hire indepth researches of people's daily stories. The learn was once carried out among 2001 and 2003 in six societies in East and Southeast Asia Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore. whereas every one makes its personal distinctive contributions, lots of the essays are trained through theoretical focal issues: modernization and gender and globalization and gender.

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Qxp:Andy Q7 13/8/08 13:57 Page 13 Researching Gender and Childcare in Contemporary Asia 13 have been returning since the 1980s – most recently these workers have been of different nationalities from their employers (FauveChamoux 2005). Globalization is manifested in the movement of people and workers as well as ideas, resources, markets, and management. Domestic workers of foreign nationality alter gender roles and dynamics not only in the West but also in East and Southeast Asia. As a result, gender, childcare, and modernization can most effectively be discussed not by treating each country separately but rather by viewing them as linked through the effects of globalization.

The reason for this becomes clear if we juxtapose the frequency of childcare-related interaction with neighbors with the family type based on the distance from the couple’s parents. 3). In other words, the kin network had a complementary relationship with the neighborhood network (Ochiai 1989a, 1989b, 1993). To the extent that can be known from this study, the urban Japanese family of the 1980s, in comparison with the family of the 1960s in the same life stage (the period of caring for infants and small children), had lost most of the linkage with siblings, so that the kin network was minimized to include only their own parents.

Grant-in-Aid Scientific Research (A)(1) funded by the Ministry of Education, Japan. The members consisted of Miyasaka Yasuko (project leader), Ueno Kayoko, Emiko Ochiai, Onode Setsuko, Kiwaki Nachiko, Kobayashi Kazumi, Hashimoto (Seki) Hiroko, Fujii Wasa, Fujita Michiyo, Yamato Reiko, Yamane Mari, Hong Sang-Ook, Kua Wongboonsin, Park Keong-Suk, and Zhou Weihong. For Japanese publication, please refer to Ochiai, Yamane and Miyasaka eds. (2007) and Ochiai and Ueno eds. (2006). ” In this view, anyone performing marginalized labor can be described as “housewifized,” even if that person performs wage labor or happens to be a male.

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