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The customer information wars : from data to dialogue

Constructed from the authors' event operating with companies looking to construct higher enterprise intelligence, buyer Intelligence is worried with who will personal and regulate information regarding shoppers and who will improve the simplest talents and services to use it for aggressive virtue. At its center, it makes an attempt to provide an explanation for why the "age of data" has didn't reside as much as its personal hype of specialization, personalization over homogenization, and continuously pleasing clients

Dynamical, Spectral, and Arithmetic Zeta Functions

The unique zeta functionality used to be studied via Riemann as a part of his research of the distribution of leading numbers. different kinds of zeta services have been outlined for number-theoretic reasons, reminiscent of the examine of primes in mathematics progressions. This resulted in the improvement of $L$-functions, which now have a number of guises.

Stainless-Steel Pipe, ½ in. (13mm) and Larger

This ordinary relates to unannealed austenitic chrome steel pipe that's straight-seam or spiral-seam welded, half in. (13 mm) in nominal diameter and bigger, and that's meant for the transmission and distribution of water and to be used in different wate

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Reported Number of Utilities that Had FOG Prevention Progra ms : a) Size of Syste m, b) EPA Region. 2-9 I nterceptor Con nections vs. E 2,000 1 ,000 r-I 0 7 n 14 r----1 30 60 90 n ,--- 1 20 1 80 n 365 Pumping Freq uency (days) Figure 2·6. Trend between Interceptor Pu mp Out Frequency and Size of Sewer Collection System. , Q. 30 % 25% D No . Yes 2 0% 1 5% 1 0% 5% 0% C h em ical Com bo Mechan ical Treatm ent Methods Figure 2·7. Reported Root Intrusion Methods. 2-1 0 "'WERF Oth er Table 2·3. Reported Tree Types That Were Part of Root Intrusion Blockages.

The surface roughness of un sanded pipe was equivalent to a 300 grit sanded surface (Table 5-3). The contact angle for unsanded PVC was the same for both water and oil (43°). As the pipe was roughened, the water contact angle remained approximately the same, while the oil contact angle increased dramatically. The results in Table 5-3 suggest that the process of roughening may alter the surface charge and potentially surface affinity of oil compared to water. However, the data in Table 5-3 suggest that PVC pipe (as evaluated) does not play a maj or role in oil accumulations from FOG in wastewater.

Reported Tree Types That Were Part of Root Intrusion Blockages. , from 250 to 1 250 gallons; or 20 gallons per seat) , UPC Appendix H guidelines, or stated that design criteria were unknown or left up to the design engineer/architect. 7 Implications of Survey Results The inconsistent methods for handling FOG and root intrusion problems indicate a lack of understanding of their respective causes and remedies. One of the revealing results of this survey is that some municipalities have no FOG program in place and are only concerned with inspecting or performing maintenance on grease interceptors connected to the system when SSOs occur.

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