Approaches to the Typology of Word Classes by Bernard / Vogel, Petra M. Comrie

By Bernard / Vogel, Petra M. Comrie

The historical past of be aware classification study is characterised by means of severe positions. as much as the nineteenth century, it was once believed that observe periods have been always of the Latin or Greek variety and common. unlike that, within the twentieth century, the view prevailed that each language had its personal particular and distinct be aware type method. within the final a long time, in spite of the fact that, it has turn into obvious that regardless of the big variety of note periods and note classification platforms there are typological regulations with reference to the conceptualization of semantic positive factors and morphosyntactic buildings. this article methods notice sessions and their categorial manifestations from the viewpoint of typology and language universals study. The authors during this quantity speak about notice category categorization typically (Part I), in addition to notice sessions and be aware type platforms of person languages (Part II) from a typological-universal perspective and from diachronic and cross-linguistic views

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