Antigravity: The Dream Made Reality by J. A. Thomas, Jason Thomas

By J. A. Thomas, Jason Thomas

Account of the lifestyles and innovations of John R. R. Searl, who has developed antigravity and unfastened power units. Illustrated with pictures & diagrams.

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,,(. .. ) Vor allem auch aufgrund der systematisch gegliederten Darstellung sowie der klar formulierten Aussagen kann dieses Buch allen Studenten, Naturwissenschaftlern und Ingenieuren sehr empfohlen werden, die sich in die Grundlagenwissenschaft 'Mechanik' einarbeiten wollen und/oder die diese als ein wertvolles software zum Lösen technischer Probleme benötigen.

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Where G is universal gravitational constant, d2 is distance from planetary body mass M. Primary Magnetism - A large scale movement of ether. g. gravity, magnetism, electrostatic fields, matter, and radiant energy. F. - Electro motive force, potential difference produced by separation of charge. Inertia - Reluctance of matter to change its state of motion. Levity - In opposition to gravity. Microcellular - Made up of very small cells. Page 32 Chapter 3 Macrocellular - Made up of quite large cells.

Page 44 Chapter 4 THE SEARL EFFECT You see, the Searl effect is only to make the rollers rotate. Because until they rotate no energy will move. You've got no moving flux. What is happening is you're cutting your lines of conductors by magnetic flux that you do in any other generator. There's nothing different there. But the only difference we are doing is we are at the same time inserting electrons into the windings. Whereby in normal conventional engines you push them away. You don't insert anything.

Most of this would be absorbed in the material of the planet and produce the static field. If any of the dynomagnetic field did penetrate the surface, it would be difficult to detect against the background of atmospheric disturbance and static field. In his early experiments, Riech did detect and accumulate energy from the earth which was other than natural radiation. A core of glowing magnePage 37 Chapter 3 tism would be and would have been in the process of producing matter. The earth would have been expanding from the center since it first formed.

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