Ancient Mysteries of Britain by Janet Bord, Colin Bord

By Janet Bord, Colin Bord

Britain is a land packed with interesting historic websites and memorable actual good points. The panorama itself, with its many idiosyncrasies and weird characteristics, serves as a key to the prior - the stone circles, prehistoric household dwellings, tombs and temples, rock carvings, earthworks, holy wells and Roman continues to be, all include clues of civilisations long gone and trace at how our ancestors used to reside. during this lavishly-illustrated and intensely readable consultant, authors Janet and Colin Bord discover the origins of such beneficial properties and examine the traditional websites linked to folklore and legend.

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Devil's Bridge

There are relatively 3 bridges right here above one another, crossing
the River Mynach the place it runs via a deep gorge. The
lowest of the 3 used to be outfitted by means of the satan, based on legend .
He observed that an previous woman's cow was once stranded at the incorrect side
of the gorge and acknowledged he might construct her a bridge if he could
become the landlord of the 1st residing creature to take advantage of it. She
agreed, but if the bridge was once accomplished she threw a section of
bread over , which used to be chased via her puppy, and the satan was
outwitted. In one other model of this tale...

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A s kill whic h later generat io ns have inc reas ingl y ig nored, to many of th em ha ve been destroyed or lost , a fa ct we should all regret. O ne lost exa mple was a foot marked slab o n Islay (Strathcl yde Region) where th e Lord s of the Isles are sa id to ha ve bee n inau g urated; this was 'destro ye d in the seventeenth th ei r peril. Where seve ral standing stones are grou ped together , they have oft en bee n placed in a lin e . If many sto nes are use d , the ce ntury. Two examples of st ones still preserved are at Dunadd and Clickhimin (see ' Places to ViSit').

S K 2 18765) Seve ral fine crosses ca n be see n in the Saxo n kin gdo m of i\ iercia, this being the best prese rved. Eyarn is close to the fr onti er b etwee n Mercia and r'\orthumbria, and so n ot unex pecte dl y the ca rving on t he cross shows a mixture of styles from the two kingdoms. It is clear that at so me tim e [h e s haft was broken, and the h ead pl aced o n what remained. The s piral desig n o n the shaft is reminiscent of the tripl e spiral car ving in The cross, symbol of eternal life Newg range passage-to mb (sce Chapter 6), and is also similar to the Cardinham cross shaft design (i llu strated e lsewhere in ' Places to Visit').

Many are nea r c hurc hes , but others in isolated loca tio ns m ay have bee n int end ed as ro ut e-m arkers for pilg n ms . I n no rthern Eng land , the re are hidd e n away in c hurc hes ma ny frag me nt s of Ang lo-Saxo n sc ulp ture dating fro m the period when the Vikings we re inAu e nti al in Britain , and cl ose stud y o f th e sce nes de picted o n these cross fragrn e nt s reveals sce nes from paga n Norse m yth ology. Expert s have bee n abl e to trace th e int erac ti o ns betwee n these paga n the mes and ea rl y Christ ian beli efs.

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