Analyst of the Imagination: The Life and Work of Charles by Jenny Pearson

By Jenny Pearson

My wish is this ebook might help to open up a brand new readership for [Charles Rycroft]--not a following, that's the very last thing he would wish, yet an open-minded readership of people that wish encouragement to move on considering their very own means during the deeply freeing event of psychotherapy. there are many humans round who're prepared to inform us what psychotherapy is, what occurs or should still occur among therapist and sufferer, what occurs among moms and infants and so forth. There usually are not such a lot of who motivate therapists to be in uncertainties, mysteries, doubts, with none irritable achieving after truth and reason", within the phrases Charles cherished to cite from the poet John Keats. this can be the artistic place, the only during which it truly is attainable to move on asking the query "What is psychotherapy?" with out inevitably discovering a solution to it." -- From the IntroductionCharles Rycroft’s lucid jargon-free method of psychoanalysis encouraged an entire new release. Taking proposal from many fields outdoors psychoanalysis, together with background, literature, linguistics and ethology, he validated the $64000 hyperlink among psychological wellbeing and fitness and the mind's eye, making a broader viewpoint and inspiring loose pondering. This solitary and inventive “rebel” hardly got the popularity he deserved, yet this choice of articles and papers by way of those who felt the good thing about his ever-curious, increasing wealth of information, is going a way to acknowledging the debt owed to him, and introducing a brand new iteration to this cutting edge analyst.Contributors comprise Margaret Arden, Harold Bourne, Susan Budd, Vincent Brome, Robin Higgins, Jeremy Holmes, Edgar Jones, R.D.Laing, John Padel, Jenny Pearson, Paul Roazen, Anthony Storr, John H.Turner, Maryon Tysoe and Dudley younger.

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At this point Charles was a rising star of the psychoanalytic establishment. But he soon began to react against time spent on committees and administrative work, which was often boring (see his account of training committee meetings in “Reminiscences of a Survivor”—chapter 15) and took up energy that he was eager to direct towards thinking and writing. Pearl King, a contemporary of Charles’s who holds the history and documentation of the Society at that time, recalls his analyst Sylvia Payne saying that too much responsibility was heaped on Rycroft too early in his career.

Authentic living is coherent living and is the antithesis of the “splitting of the ego” (Freud, 1938), which came into prominence with Kleinian authors like Rosenfeld and Segal. Like Klein, Rycroft saw Freud’s late discovery of splitting as a defence mechanism (to use language he disliked) more profound than repression. It linked with such cultural notions as T. S. Eliot’s “dissociation of sensibility” and the existentialist idea of alienation, and it was clinically RYCROFT ’ S CONTRIBUTION TO PSYCHOTHERAPY 33 relevant to the kind of patient he describes in “the analysis of a paranoid personality” (Rycroft, 1985a), who today would more likely be seen as borderline.

He began, well before his time, to question the scientific basis of psychoanalysis and its intellectual isolation. He therefore made what he called a “strategic withdrawal” from the society and concentrated instead on writing reviews and articles for the wider public. Some felt that he did his cause (and that of psychoanalysis) a disservice by this, but Rycroft, a sensitive and shy man, preferred guerrilla warfare to full-scale confrontation. The idea of “Rycroftism” and forming yet another faction was anathema to him.

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