Amines and Schizophrenia by Harold E. Himwich

By Harold E. Himwich

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O R M O N D , R. E . , MEISINGER, M . A . , G A L E , P. H . , CIRILLO, V . J. a n d B R I N K , N . G . (1964) Ptfra-O-methylation o f dopamine in schizophrenic a n d normal individuals, Nature (London), 2 0 3 , 1 5 4 - 5 . NOTEBOOM, L. (1934) Experimental catatonia b y m e a n s o f derivatives o f mescaline a n d adrenaline, Proceedings of the Amsterdam Academy of Science (Science Section), 3 7 , 562-74. O S M O N D , H . a n d SMYTHIES, J. (1952) Schizophrenia—a n e w approach, Journal of Mental Science, 9 8 , 3 0 9 - 1 5 .

METHODS USED We are currently employing two different methods for the preliminary concentration of urinary amines, and for their separation from the acidic and neutral constituents of urine. In one procedure (Perry, Shaw, Walker, and Redlich, 1962), amines and other bases present in urine are adsorbed on to the carboxylic acid cation exchange resin, Amberlite C G - 5 0 , in the hydrogen form, and the resin is washed in a column with water to remove acidic and neutral urinary compounds. The bases are then eluted from the resin with 4 N acetic acid, and the eluate is lyophilized.

Visualization was accomplished by ultraviolet a b sorption and by spraying known marker compounds at the edge with alkaline permanganate. After elution of the appropriate areas with chloroform, the acids were esterified by short treatment with diazomethane in ether. Studies with known compounds revealed that n o methylation of phenolic groups occurred under these conditions. G a s chromatography, using a column of neopental glycol succinate adsorbed on gas chrom P, afforded a n excellent resolution of 3,4-dimethoxy as well as the isomeric mono-O-methyl dihydroxyphenylacetic acids.

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