alpha-SrNCN:Eu2+ - A Novel Efficient Orange-Emitting by Michael Krings, Giuseppe Montana, Richard Dronskowski,

By Michael Krings, Giuseppe Montana, Richard Dronskowski, Claudia Wickleder

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Later, when she was more used to the idea, she lost her nervousness of the monsters, and told her parents that on one of the planets she had seen (of course it could have been a place on Janos), there had been a stream flowing between muddy banks; and beside the stream were several 'men' - like ordinary men but very big and strong, and naked. Their bodies were entirely covered with long smooth shiny black hair, which covered the face also except around the eyes; the hands and feet, also, were bare, and seemed 'whitish' - of course this may have been dried mud, for the hairy folk were in and out of the water.

NATASHA: Just Daddy got out with Frances. FRANK: Can you remember: did Frances get out Daddy's side of the car; or did she get out her side and go round? Did you notice? NATASHA: The same way as Daddy. ] FRANK: So what about you and Tanya; what did you do? 36 NATASHA: We got out in a minute, we did. FRANK: You got out after them? Now, you were in the back, with Mummy and Tanya; Mummy was in the middle - is that right? NATASHA: Yes. FRANK: And where were you sitting? NATASHA: I was sitting the side where the flying saucer was.

He didn't have very high cheekbones or anything like that. FRANK: He was just like anybody you might meet in the street? FRANCES: Yes; but sort of English or American, rather than Italian or Eskimo, you know. FRANK: The hair again: it was really a close trim? It was cut short? FRANCES: Like a 'short back and sides' that men used to have. He had a crewcut, you know, straight back from his forehead. FRANK: In other words, the hair stood straight up? FRANCES: Yes. FRANK: Would you say the hands were gloved or bare?

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