Albert Einstein (Biographies of the 20th Century) by Anne E. Schraff

By Anne E. Schraff

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On Christmas Eve, groups of boys and girls sang carols for the Einsteins. Albert Einstein rushed outside and asked the children if he could get his violin and join them as they made the rounds of the neighborhood. Wearing a leather jacket and stocking cap and playing his violin, Einstein became a caroler that night. Albert Einstein decided to become a citizen of the United States. 44 Einstein Book 9/18/07 3:46 PM Page 45 Albert Einstein taking part in a ceremony, making him a citizen of the United States.

He believed the universe was so awesome that it had to have been created by a supreme intelligence. ” Einstein wanted his body cremated with the ashes disposed of secretly. He felt his work was the important thing about his life, and he did not want his earthly remains to be the center of attention. He did permit his brain to be removed during an autopsy. Scientists wanted to discover if there was anything unusual about the brain of a genius. They did find that the part of Einstein’s brain associated with mathematical reasoning, 58 Einstein Book 9/18/07 3:47 PM Page 59 the inferior parietal, was fifteen percent wider on both sides than normal.

They had no car and few luxuries. Einstein gained all the joy he needed listening to music and walking in the woods. In 1936 Elsa Einstein became pale and tired. She refused to go 46 Einstein Book 9/18/07 3:47 PM Page 47 to the hospital and nurses cared for her at home. Finally, she grew so ill that Albert Einstein had to hospitalize her. In December 1936 Elsa Einstein died. Einstein was devastated by the loss of his wife. His loneliness was eased when his stepdaughter, Margot, came to live with him.

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