Ahead of His Time: Wilhelm Pfeffer, Early Advances in Plant by Erwin Bunning, Hermut Wilhelm Pfeffer

By Erwin Bunning, Hermut Wilhelm Pfeffer

This biography examines the lifestyles and paintings of Wilhelm Pfeffer (1845-1920), a pioneer of recent experimental biology who expected a lot during this box that's now taken without any consideration. The publication exhibits Pfeffer as a instructor and author with vast examine pursuits, incisive experimental talents, and a questing brain. Dr H.Wilhelm Pfeffer, grandson of Wilhelm Pfeffer, offers the interpretation for this English version.

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After H. Walter (cf. 5). Fig. 7 (See previous page) Osmometer (after Pfeffer's original drawing). Major components: The porous pot (z) which is about 46 mm high and the manometer (m). In his early experiments, Pfeffer worked with membranes that had been precipitated within the wall of the pot. This was achieved by filling the porous pot with a potassium ferrocyanide solution, and then immersing the pot into a solution of copper sulphate. The two compounds diffuse towards each other and react to form copper ferrocyanide as a precipitation membrane within the wall of the porous pot.

Which shall generally be described as pangenes. In all cases, these are living units which combine in multiple ways to form units of a higher order. These latter units, in turn, combine into parts of organs and into organs. To get a clearer concept, it is useful to think of the letters of the alphabet. By combining letters into words and words into sentences, an unlimited number of combinations and thoughts can be formed. Also, the array of hydrocarbon compounds shows us the enormous number of substances that can be formed by the combination of three or four elements.

20 Pfeffer's experimental results became the foundation stone of van't Hoffs Theory of Solutions. In his acceptance speech for the Nobel Prize, van't Hoff specifically acknowledged the pioneering accomplishment of Pfeffer. The significance of Pfeffer's findings in the fields of biology and medicine is well known to college students in these subjects. The existence of a plasma membrane is also something every student knows about. 21 b) The Plasma Membrane The expression Plasmahaut or Plasmamembran [plasma membrane] did not originate with Pfeffer.

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