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0,3) (0,1) Tcit) (0,1) . (3,2). (0,3) / (0,2) (2,1) x (0,1) (d) the node splitting and the update of TA(C) (5,0) (0,3) U» (_,0) (0,5) / (_,i) (0,1) \ (0,1) (e) an update computation of Γβ(ε) Fig. 386 x log2(iV — 1). 386 x log2(iV — 1). Let us first examine the statistic behavior of costl(T) with respect to the number N of segments and the number n of index attributes. 1. In the fc-d trie scheme that is a special version of the best average segmentation scheme using a colored binary trie, the following estimation of the upper bound holds for cost1^).

244-253. Initially published in "Computer Software", Vol. 4, No. 4, in Japanese. Hideyuki Nakashima Electrotechnical Laboratory 1-4 Umezono-1 Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305 Japan Adaptive Optimal Segmentation Schemes for Multiattribute Files Yuzuru Tanaka Summary. This paper describes optimal file segmentation methods for multiattribute files. Our method minimizes either the average or the maximum number of segment accesses to disk units necessary to execute a retrieval query that requests records with a specified value for one attribute specified among the multiple attributes of the file.

This allows us to apply any single-attribute file segmentation scheme to the n attribute file. When a query quantifies only a small subset of n attributes, the directory search for the segments to access becomes very complicated. 7 Remaining Research Problems This paper has tried to introduce adaptive segmentation schemes for multiattribute files, especially the colored-binary-trie segmentation schemes proposed by the current author. When we have N segments and n index attributes for which we want to minimize the access cost of equiselection queries, our colored-binary-trie segmentation scheme make the average access cost of equiselections on one attribute no more than O ^ " - 1 ) / " ) .

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