A view from the year 3000 by Michael H. Hart

By Michael H. Hart

This publication speculates in regards to the vital innovations, medical discoveries, and political and social advancements, that can take place in the course of the coming millennium. It does this via providing -- during the eyes of a fictitious writer dwelling within the 12 months 3000 -- an inventory of the a hundred women and men who've had the best influence on international heritage and at the daily lives of individuals.

The hundred individuals are ranked so as in their impact. the most portion of the e-book includes brief biographies of these a hundred folks, describing what every body complete, and why that individual is so important.

Forty-five of the entries are genuine historic personages. those contain such popular figures as Jesus Christ, Confucius, Charles Darwin, Christopher Columbus, Albert Einstein, and George Washington.

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32 Euclid To summarize: The effects of Euclid's importance; his achievement was very achievement were of the greatest difficult; and would ever have been accomplished without him. figure in world history. ten. Am I, it He is is unclear whether it therefore a major Hart clearly erred in not including Euclid in the top too, perhaps underrating him? 8 JESUS CHRIST c. C. D. - the world today, left in some people may be accorded such a high place in this book. which he founded had so many adherents, for so many many ways, that the only whether I should have ranked him even higher.

Today, with modern equipment, we can make 100,000 copies of a book in less than a minute. But the reduction in time from a month to a minute is that not of great importance. invention; our world Gutenberg's world was drastically altered by his would be only slightly different if we were still using Gutenberg's method of printing. D. He working on his invention by 1436 (perhaps earlier); but understandably, a long time for him to complete. His first started it took great work, a magnificent edition of 28 Gutenberg the Bible, still was not printed until 1454.

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