A to Z of Computer Scientists by Harry Henderson

By Harry Henderson

This accomplished A-to-Z biographical dictionary explores the varied staff of inventors, scientists, marketers, and visionaries within the computing device technological know-how box. The state of the art, modern entries and data at the machine provide a glimpse into not just their force but in addition their demanding situations in making a new form of enterprise and a brand new form of tradition.

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At age 23, Boole wrote his first scientific paper, offering improvements on Joseph-Louis Lagrange’s methods for analyzing planetary motions. By 1844, Boole was moving toward an analysis of how mathematics itself worked. He became intrigued about how the manipulation of mathematical operators and symbols might mirror logic and the operation of the human mind. His paper “On a General Method in Analysis” was rejected at first by the prestigious Royal Society, perhaps because Boole did not have a formal university degree.

Com in a converted garage. Bezos soon decided that the existing software for mail order businesses was too limited and set a gifted programmer named Shel Kaphan to work creating a custom program that could keep track not only of each book in stock but how long it would take to get more copies from the publisher or book distributor. com was ready go online from a new Seattle office, using $145,553 contributed by Bezos’s mother from the family trust. , the orders began to pour in and Bezos had to struggle to keep up.

Available on-line. html. Posted in March 1989, May 1990. Berners-Lee, Tim, and Mark Fischetti. Weaving the Web. San Francisco: HarperSanFrancisco, 1999. Luh, James C. ” Internet World, January 1, 2000. Available on-line. html. The World Wide Web Consortium. ” Available on-line. org/ People/Berners-Lee. Downloaded on October 31, 2002. ᨳ merchandising could be adapted to the on-line world, and how the strengths of the new medium could be translated into business advantages. com, “the world’s largest bookstore,” Jeff Bezos would show how the Web could be used to deliver books and other merchandise to millions of consumers.

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