A Muslim Response to the Attack on America by Imran N Hosein

By Imran N Hosein

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It was hidden behind the rich green of the gardens of Knan, al-Bsajer, and Kandi, and only a few dark houses and a slender but ominously leaning minaret were to be seen on its east side. To the south stretched the broad, low ridge of ~ös as-Sinn, south of which projected the high minaret of al-Mu'emire. 53 we reached a light railway, used for hauling building stone from the old quarries at al-Mu'emire to the Euphrates. The stone was being shipped in boats to al-Hindijje to be used in the construction of adam over the Euphrates.

In the evening we ascertained the latitude; we were much disturbed that night, being tormented by mosquitoes. May 1, 1912. 16 A. M. To the west the trees of the hamlet of al-~urta showed green,and southeast of the hamlet shone the sanctuary of al-Imam I:Iorr with its bluish dome. 45 the canal of al-I:Iorr. Our hungry camels grazed from Evidently we must seek Dejr Kurra north 01' northwest af al-Kadesijje, on the west side of the Euphrates. The Persians' could not flee ta the south 01' southeast.

The flood plain here is narrow and stony. At six o'clock "\ve had on ouI' left a demolished farm beside a FIG. l1-'Åna al-'Atize from the southeast. shrine called al-J>:a~r 01' al-Ivlashad a~-:;;arir; on the right the gap formed by the se'ib of al-~a~r, the branches of which, at-Tawil and Abu Tin, rise between Tara~ abu Sa'ad and Jjasm al-Wa'arijje. ezlan. 30, through the se'ib of al-'Aw:;;ijje, we could see the palm trees of the settlement of Hben on the left bank. 38 ouI' camels grazed. dlm and a major "\vith hventy soldiers mounted on l11Ules (barrale) escol'ting two chiefs of the Dlejm tribe who, as we were told, had refused to pay for a second time dues which the tax collector at the settlement of al-I,Iadita had embezzled.

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