A Memory of Solferino by Henry Dunant

By Henry Dunant

The horrors witnessed through Dunant after the conflict of Solferino on June 24 1859 and his humanitarian charm are the origins of the pink go movment.

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Would these men have breathed their last cursing and blaspheming, if there had been somebody with them to understand and listen and console them? [29] It must not be thought that, in spite of all the zeal shown by the people of Brescia and in the towns of Lombardy, there was not a tremendous lot of work left to do. There was never a war in any century where such goodwill was shown and such a fine charitable spirit displayed. Yet the sacrifices made, generous and remarkable as they were, were altogether inadequate, and bore no proportion to the extent of the needs.

In the Crimea, while the good nuns looked after the sick and wounded of the French Army, the Russian and English armies hailed the arrival, the one from the north and the other from the east, of two noble legions of generous nurses led by two Blessed Ladies. Soon after the war broke out, the Grand Duchess Helen Pawlowna of Russia, née Princess Charlotte of Wurtemberg, widow of the Grand Duke Michael, left St. Petersburg with nearly 300 ladies, who went with her to act as nurses in the Crimean hospitals, where they earned the blessings of thousands of Russian soldiers [26].

They were chained to powder wagons along with ten soldiers, who were surrounded by a guerrilla band two and a half Page 34 of 38 A Memory of Solferino miles from Tejeria, when engaged in taking a supply of food and ammunition from Vera Cruz to the French camp. 3. Concerning General Forey, let us borrow a few words about him from Colonel Edmond Favre's fine book "L'Armée prussienne et les manoeuvres de Cologne en 1861". "That very day the King invited us to dinner at Benrath Castle near Düsseldorf.

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