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Medieval catholicism held that God, although one, is somehow three at the same time; the three are called the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit. This is not an easy idea to explain or defend, and seems to conflict with item 8 below. 3. The Bible. The Bible is a divinely revealed book, not a human product. However, the book is written in language, and covers profound subjects; hence it needs to be understood and interpreted. 4. The doctrine of creation, namely that God freely created everything besides himself ex nihilo.

Why not bligblugs? If everyone starts calling figs bligblugs then they are bligblugs. It’s up to us. Similarly with written terms. But mental terms do not signify ad placitum (at our pleasure), as Ockham puts it, but naturaliter, that is, naturally. We don’t make mental language up, we are born with it. 4. Finally, there is nothing fancy in mental language. There are no irregular verbs, no alternate spellings (colour and color), no grammatical gender. Only what is relevant to truth, falsity, and reasoning appears in mental language.

Snow is white’ is worth knowing. Argument V No circle is rectilinear. This shape is a circle. This shape is not rectilinear. Notice that all these arguments have two premises. So do all categorical syllogisms. There are other things they have in common as well. One is that while the propositions in each argument are about various topics, each one is a categorical proposition—a proposition of one of the following eight forms: (1) Universal affirmative (A-form): All S is P. (2) Universal negative (E-form): No S is P.

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